Published on March 1, 2021

19 Best Small Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs – Part 1

Looking for work-from-home business ideas? Becoming self-employed can seem like a daunting task for many women. With the hundreds—if not thousands—of business ideas out there, it can be hard to pick the best one.

We’ve narrowed down a list of 19 to help you choose the right one for you.

1. Freelance Website Designing

Website design has taken off in recent years with the growing need for an online presence. If you have a knack for website design, there is a huge need for talented people like you.

2. Freelance Writing

Freelance writers don’t write for one company but instead take on several gigs and projects at once. Freelance writers usually specialize in a specific area, ranging from financial, to lifestyle, to business topics. Earning potential is also virtually uncapped for freelancers since they set their rates.

3. Freelance Coding

Freelance coding is one of the new business ideas for women in recent years. Women have the potential to earn a lot in a short amount of time. Whereas other businesses will have a growth period of about one to two years, freelance coders can immediately start earning income.

4. IT Consulting

After receiving technical training or getting work experience, IT consulting can be a lucrative business. Be sure to pick a specialty, such as cloud services, software consulting, or hardware repair.

5. Online Retail/Wholesale

With e-commerce booming because of the pandemic, there’s never been a better time to jump into online retail. Business owners can try dropshipping, where the seller doesn’t store or send any goods but only arranges the order. A direct-to-consumer (D2C) business can also be extremely profitable, such as Averr Aglow, an all-natural cosmetics company.

6. College Essay Editing

A business in college essay editing could be fun and profitable if you love critiquing work. College essay editing is a service-based business that helps students with college admission essays and other important papers. While this business could be a solopreneur project, it can also expand to a professional editing service, such as WordVice.

7. Dog Walking and Pet Services

Dog lovers can funnel their passion for animals by creating a dog walking business. Though it may start small-scale, like starting off with joining a service such as Wag. Pet service-based companies can also sell natural dog food, offer grooming services, and more.

8. Home Cleaning

Though it may not be the most exciting of the small business ideas for women, home cleaning can be a solid choice. The demand is always there for home cleaning, so the market won’t be hard to find.

9. Interior Design

Interior design and remodeling can be an inspiring business venture. Since there are many different types of designers, determine your brand specialty based on the area of the home you decorate or your style.

10. Personal Fitness Training

Right now is a perfect time to start a personal fitness business. With no end in sight for working from home, people are seeking online resources to get fit. Your business can capitalize on the need for training if you’re a motivational person.

11. Wedding Planning

Though COVID is still impacting our lives, the need for weddings hasn’t stopped. Even if weddings are more socially-distanced and smaller than before, people always need wedding planners. Your business could even specialize in creating ‘COVID-safe’ weddings.

12. Event Planner

Whether you specialize in educational conferences, birthdays, or commemorations, an event planning business is an excellent idea. Planners often specialize in one area of events, such as corporate networking, and create their business around their expertise.

13. Human Resources/Staffing

Running a human resources business capitalizes on businesses’ staffing needs. Staffing firms such as The Adecco Group are worth billions of dollars! Companies also need help adjusting their recruitment to the work-from-home shift, which your company could facilitate.

14. Comedian

If your heart’s desire is to make people laugh, why not start a comedy club? Although it can be challenging for females to navigate this male-dominated industry, other women have shown it’s possible.

15. Blogging

While it takes an incredible amount of patience to start earning revenue by blogging, it can be worthwhile. Remember to blog about popular topics that people actively search for, as well as something that intersects with your experience and interest.

16. Amazon Store Owner

Like blogging, owning an Amazon store can be a potential source of passive income. Amazon store owners can sell millions of dollars worth of items each year, then keep a healthy profit from their sales.

17. Social Media Management

If you find posting on social media is your strong suit, a social media management business could be your golden egg. Many companies need help marketing their products and services via social media.

18. Transcription

A transcription business converts speech to an electronic text document. Many companies that run podcasts require fast, affordable transcription services. This could be the best business for women that can only work part-time.

19. Cooking, Catering, and Restaurant Management

Though the restaurant industry is notoriously male-dominated, women with talent can make it onto the scene. Take Candace Nelson, for example, the founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes and Pizzana. All you have to do is turn your best confection, quiche, or pizza recipe into a product to sell.


When you intersect passion and skills, that’s where the magic happens. Choosing the right small business idea comes down to pinpointing your expertise and interests, then finding your market. There’s no better time than now to take control of your career and act on one of these best business ideas for women.

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