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Ask Me Anything About Money with Sahirenys Pierce

Introduction to the Community

We want to introduce you to Sahirenys Pierce, financial educator, founder of Poised Lifestyle, and creator of The High Five Banking Method. In exciting news, Greenwood and Sahirenys have partnered to create a new bi-weekly Q&A segment. The series explores questions about personal finance directly from our Greenwood community asked directly on Twitter and Facebook.

How to Build and Use an Emergency Fund

In this Q&A Session, Sahirenys answers all of the Greenwood community’s questions on Emergency Funds.

Questions and Answers About Credit Cards

In this week’s Q&A Session, Sahirenys answers all of Greenwood community’s questions about Credit Cards.

What’s a Sinking Fund?

The sinking fund financial strategy can help you better plan for what you want without going into debt for it. Learn about how you can implement a sinking fund into your finances.

Prioritizing Finances Q&A

Learn how to prioritize finances when it comes to saving, investing, and paying off debt. Sahirenys Pierce tackles tough topics like student debt, credit card debt, retirement funds, and much more in this episode of Ask Me Anything About Money.

 Planning a Trip Q&A

Learn all about how to save for an upcoming vacation, holiday, or annual membership. Remain financially responsible and avoid debt. Implement a sinking fund, which is meant to let you save leading up to your vacation, breaking down the savings over a long period of time so that you can still enjoy living.


Sahirenys Pierce

Sahirenys Pierce is a millennial Latina mom, financial educator, and founder of Poised Finance & Lifestyle. Where she focuses on helping her community manage their finances and lifestyle with poise. By sharing strategies, like the High-5 Banking Method, the SOP, and the First Aid Kit. Sahirenys has a background in finance and financial planning, where she working at Merrill Lynch, Metlife, and Ameriprise. Her poised strategies have helped thousands of women get their finances on point while improving their financial confidence. Not only does she share education, but also her own personal experience of paying off over $99k of debt, cash flowing her wedding, and dealing with multiple family emergencies.

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