Ask Me Anything About Money
with Sahirenys Pierce

Introduction to the Community

We want to introduce you to Sahirenys Pierce, financial educator, founder of Poised Lifestyle, and creator of The High Five Banking Method.

In exciting news, Greenwood and Sahirenys have partnered to create a new bi-weekly Q&A segment.

The series explores questions about personal finance directly from our Greenwood community asked on Twitter and Facebook.

Inflation and Making Budget Cuts

In this week’s Ask Me Anything About Money Sahirenys from @Poisedfinancelifestyle talks about inflation and making budget cuts. Learn about Sahirenys’ Cut, Keep, or Reduce Strategy to proactively modify your budget as needed during these times.

Temporary Expanded Public Service Loan Forgiveness Wavier

This week, Ask Me Anything About Money’s Sahirenys Pierce from @poisedfinancelifestyle is going over the new temporarily expanded Public Service Loan Forgiveness waiver.

If you’ve been denied from the PSLF program due to the type of loan you have, you might be in luck with the new waiver.

But it’s set to expire on October 31, 2022, so jump on it!

What to Expect When You Open Your Greenwood Account

Sahirenys Pierce from @Poisedfinancelifestyle explains what to expect when you open your Greenwood account.

With more people getting their Greenwood account, share how you’re planning on using your Greenwood debit card to help the black and brown community.

IRA Tax Tips

In this week’s Ask Me Anything About Money, Sahirenys from @Poisedfinancelifestyle goes over some tips to help you max out your IRA this tax season. Plus, she shares some resources to get your taxes filed for free directly with the IRS.

How is this tax season treating you?

Answers About the Greenwood Waitlist

Greenwood Waitlist: Want to joining Greenwood bank but don’t know how or if you’re currently on the waiting list?

In this week’s Ask Me Anything About Money, Sahirenys Pierce goes over how to join Greenwood’s waiting list and how to get early access.

She explains why there’s a waiting list and how to get on it to check your status. Plus, she also shares how to earn extra cash and get early access to your account when you invite your friends and family to the Greenwood family.

Term Life Insurance vs. Whole Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance vs. Whole Life Insurance: In this week’s Ask Me Anything About Money, Sahirenys goes over how to protect your family with life insurance.

You’ll learn the difference between term life and whole life insurance.

Plus, learn a life insurance hack to get the protection you need at an affordable price while adding some flexibility to your financial plan.

Financial Independence & Retire Early (FIRE) Movement

In this week’s Q&A series Ask Me Anything About Money, Sahirenys goes over the FIRE movement: Financial Independence and Retire Early.

She covers what it is, how much you need, and some of the hidden costs that isn’t really talked about when reaching FIRE.

* * *

En la serie de preguntas y respuestas de esta semana, Ask Me Anything About Money, Sahirenys repasa el movimiento FIRE, la independencia financiera y la jubilación anticipada. Qué es, cuánto necesita y algunos de los costos ocultos de los que realmente no se habla cuando se comunica con FIRE.

Ask Me Anything About Capital Gains

If you bought and sold stocks for a profit last year and aren’t sure what to expect for tax season, this week’s Q&A series is for you.

Sahirenys answers:

1. What are capital gains?

2. Why are stocks are taxed differently based on when you sold them?

3. What is the difference between short-term and long-term capital gains?

4. How will you be taxed for stock profits?

5. What tax forms will you need to show your stock profits and losses?

Should I Invest My Savings?

Is saving money worthless? Should you invest all of your money instead?

These are some of the financial tips being spread on social media, but are they right?

We discuss saving and investing with purpose and what that looks like for you and your goals.

See these two examples:

1. Learn how to approach financial advice on social media.

2. Find out how to distinguish if you should save or invest.

Can I Quit My Job?

More and more people want to quit their job due to burnout than ever before. The Great Resignation is a real problem for our economy. But how is it affecting you and your finances if you’re looking to join the movement?

Here are 3 options to consider before putting in your two-week notice:

1. If you talk to your boss, can your burnout be resolved or can you negotiate a pay increase?

2. Should you get a new job before quitting your current job?

3. How long can your savings hold you up?

I’m Over Budget! Now What?

If you started the new year motivated to get your finances right, but you’re already over budget, then this video is just for you!

In this week’s Q&A Ask Me Anything About Money, Sahirenys Pierce will be sharing how to get your budget back on track.

3 Tips to Take Control of Your Finances During Inflation

Inflation is currently the highest we’ve seen in 31 years. With our cost of goods increasing so dramatically, how can we manage inflation right now?

Here are 3 tips to help you take control of your finances during times of inflation:

  • Cut wasteful spending
  • Check your budget weekly
  • Re-evaluate your goals

Goal Setting 2022: How to Set Realistic Financial Goals

Start the new year off on the right foot! The past few years haven’t been easy. Let’s work together to create goals that matter to us.

Dive deep into your why, create meaningful milestones, and add some flexibility to your financial goals.

Annual Financial Review: How to Prepare for the New Changes of 2022

Inflation is currently the highest we’ve seen in 31 years. With our cost of goods increasing so dramatically, how can we manage inflation right now?

Here are 3 tips to help you take control of your finances during times of inflation.

1. Cut wasteful spending
2. Check your budget weekly
3. Re-evaluate your goals

Christmas Shopping: Is Buy Now Pay Later a Good Idea?

Sahirenys breaks down this hot new trend and shares when it can make sense to use and when to leave this right where it’s at.

She unpacks the hidden truths of this new industry and how it affects your spending habits.

What to Do if Your Company Doesn’t Offer a 401k Plan

Did you know, 1 out of 3 employees doesn’t have access to a company-sponsored retirement plan?

If you’re having a tough time figuring out which IRA is best for you, Sahirenys explains the difference between the traditional IRA and the Roth IRA. She also talks about the history and recent history of IRA’s and how the Roth IRA helps you build a tax-free bucket for retirement.

Planning a Trip Q&A

Learn all about how to save for an upcoming vacation, holiday, or annual membership. Remain financially responsible and avoid debt.

Implement a sinking fund, which is meant to let you save leading up to your vacation, breaking down the savings over a long period of time so that you can still enjoy living.

How to Build and Use an Emergency Fund

In this Q&A Session, Sahirenys answers all of the Greenwood community’s questions on Emergency Funds.

Questions and Answers About Credit Cards

In this week’s Q&A Session, Sahirenys answers all of Greenwood community’s questions about credit cards.

What’s a Sinking Fund?

The sinking fund financial strategy can help you better plan for what you want without going into debt for it.

Learn how you can implement a sinking fund into your finances.

Prioritizing Finances Q&A

Learn how to prioritize finances when it comes to saving, investing, and paying off debt.

Sahirenys Pierce tackles tough topics like student debt, credit card debt, retirement funds, and much more in this episode of Ask Me Anything About Money.


Sahirenys Pierce

Sahirenys Pierce is a millennial Latina mom, financial educator, and founder of Poised Finance & Lifestyle. Where she focuses on helping her community manage their finances and lifestyle with poise. By sharing strategies, like the High-5 Banking Method, the SOP, and the First Aid Kit. Sahirenys has a background in finance and financial planning, where she working at Merrill Lynch, Metlife, and Ameriprise. Her poised strategies have helped thousands of women get their finances on point while improving their financial confidence. Not only does she share education, but also her own personal experience of paying off over $99k of debt, cash flowing her wedding, and dealing with multiple family emergencies.

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