Minority Deposit
Institutions Program

Greenwood is committed to building partnerships with Minority Deposit Institutions (MDIs) and Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) that grow our mutual profitability and sustainability.

Without the dedication and historical commitment of these institutions, many in our community would have zero banking options.

We have developed a digital banking platform that marries well with many of the Black banks in the country and authentically benefits our communities. Please find below the highlights of our MDI program and the benefits that come with being one of our partners.


Greenwood creates a shared MDI interchange pool designed to grow your profitability with every swipe of our co-branded card.


Interest Income

Greenwood will leverage its customer acquisition and marketing tools to drive new customers for MDI partners on consumer loan products to grow your loan portfolio and create sustained interest income.


Greenwood partners with the MDI to create dedicated social media marketing, joint distribution of email campaigns, local celebrities, billboards, radio programing, and potential inclusion in commercials as a part of our co-marketing plan.


Access Brokered Deposits at
Reduced Rates

Greenwood rebates a portion of its float to the MDI as a partial cost offset to overnight brokered deposits.


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