Money Moves Podcast with Host Tanya Sam

Money Moves is an in-depth, daily podcast hosted by Tanya Sam. Each episode is dedicated to empowering black and brown communities to end the wealth gap by providing financial planning tips with expert guests, who share their successes and how they balance the money moves behind their names and businesses.

How are we making moves to end the wealth gap? By highlighting the celebrities making significant money moves and giving a platform to experts in the financial literacy space, an opportunity to break the myths holding our communities back.

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Latest Podcasts

Rick Ross on Becoming a Boss

Aired on: 07 Jan, 2022
Guest: Rick Ross, Record Executive & Entrepreneur
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Guest: Maja Sly, Real Estate Entrepreneur

Calculate Debt-to-Income Ratio: Real Estate Moves with Maja Sly

Aired on: 06 Jan, 2022
Guest: Maja Sly, Real Estate Entrepreneur
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Deep Dive on Contracts: Shay Lawson

Aired on: 05 Jan, 2022
Guest: Shay M. Lawson, Managing Attorney, Law Firm of Lawson McKinley
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Guest: Sahirenys Pierce, Host, Ask Me Anything About Money

Best Way to Pay Off Credit Cards and More: Ask Me Anything About Money

Aired on: 04 Jan, 2022
Guest: Sahirenys Pierce, Founder of Poised Finance & Lifestyle
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Michael “Killer Mike” Render on Building Your Own Success

Aired on: 31 Dec, 2021
Guest: Killer Mike, Co-Founder, Greenwood
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