Nika King on Following Your Dreams

Nika King has been making her rounds in the industry for nearly 20 years. Before her breakout role playing Leslie on the Emmy-winning HBO series Euphoria, you have seen her on Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History, Greenleaf, 2 Broke Girls, 50 First Dates, and Modern Family.

Nika joins Tanya as she tells us about her journey in the entertainment business, her first acting paycheck, going from teacher to actor, the struggles of pursuing your dream while trying to be financially stable, and how being a stand-up comedian helped her find her own voice.

She talks about her tech startup Jeli Life, a platform for marginalized communities to help one another within the entertainment sphere and her upcoming non-profit Rose of Sharon.

About the Host

Tanya Sam

Tech savvy businesswoman Tanya Sam is the Director of Partnerships at TechSquare Labs, a technology startup hub and venture capital fund. Since 2016, TechSquare Labs has invested in over 30 companies and those companies have raised over $300 million dollars in venture capital and generated over $100 million dollars in revenue.

She is passionate about creating pathways to bring more women and minorities into business and technology.

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